Which Book Cover Do You Like Best?

September 4, 2015 Posted by novelistcd

Which of these book covers do you like best? Any ideas or suggestions for changes? Loving Luke is a Christmas novella! :-)


Snowy Pathway Snowy Pathway Winter Background Winter Background

Sunday Brunch – Angels!

August 2, 2015 Posted by novelistcd

Have you ever seen an angel?

I’ve always been fascinated by angels. I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever seen one, though. One of my Goodreads friends recommended that I watch this sermon about angels that was recorded at her church last Christmas! Wow, I loved it! This sermon gives a great overview about angels!

Hebrews 13:2

New International Version (NIV)

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

When I read that scripture, I think about the old TV series, Touched By An Angel. Remember that show? The angels were on earth, helping people with their problems. Near the end of each show, the angel announced to their assigned charge(s), “I’m an angel, sent by God.”

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So, have you ever encountered an angel? Please share your angelic experience with me!


Sweet Romances!

July 26, 2015 Posted by novelistcd



Here are a few sweet romances that I read recently. No, these novels are not inspirational, but, inspirational readers can enjoy these books without being offended.


In Winner Takes All, Stephanie has had a childhood crush on Daniel for a long time! Stephanie is best friends with Daniel’s sister and when she wins the lottery, she has the brilliant idea of following Daniel to Peru, where he’s currently running a clinic. She offers a nice donation to help him to set up more clinics, however, he must agree to allow her to assist him with his medical mission. Daniel is drawn to Stephanie, but, he can’t get past that she’s nothing more to him than his kid sister’s friend. Daniel has to realize that she’s a grown woman – a grown woman who’s very much attracted to him.

I liked the international setting in this story. It was also enjoyable to read a book that shows what it’s like to live in a third world country with limited medical care.



Her Lone Cowboy

When an injured war veteran, Caleb, purchases a ranch, he’s determined to shut himself away from others. He’s a loner, not wanting the pity of others when they see his scars. However, when Delaney moves next door, her son forces Caleb to befriend him. Caleb is also drawn to Delaney, for some reason. He’s attracted to her, but, he’s still haunted by his war experience. He’s not a healed man – his war experience has left him mentally and physically unstable and Delaney needs to ignore their shared attraction.

For unknown reasons, Delaney is drawn to her new neighbor. She befriends him, in spite of his determination to be a loner.

I enjoyed this book because the hero has deep, emotional scars that he needs to overcome. The story showed how war can affect a man’s life long after he’s left the battle scene. This novel also shows how tough it can be to be a single mom with no emotional support from the child’s father. Overall, a very good read.


The Hardest Fight

Lucy broke up with Dylan five years ago. They come into contact again when she’s fighting to save her shelter for battered women. Dylan is stunned to see Lucy again. He’s never stopped loving her, and still doesn’t understand why she abruptly ended their relationship five years ago.

Lucy is stunned to see Dylan again. She still has deep feelings for him, but lashes out at him, wanting him to keep his distance from her. After all, she’s still attracted to him and she doesn’t want to re-ignite these old feelings. Unbeknownst to Dylan, Lucy suffered from a traumatic experience, an experience that forced her to end their relationship.

Out of the three heartwarming titles that I read, I enjoyed this one the most. Lucy had to overcome deep, emotional pain and it shows how hard it can be to allow someone who loves us to stand by our side when we’re suffering. Overall, an excellent read.

Cookies And Kisses

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Do you like this book cover?

Christmas cookies copy 2

Food In Our Lives!

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I’m a guest on Ginger Solomon’s Blog Today! Come, visit, and leave a comment!


50 Harbor Street

May 29, 2015 Posted by novelistcd


50 Harbor Street by Debbie Macomber

Have you ever lived/experienced small town life? Did living in a small town remind you of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show?

This book had a nice, small-town feel. There were a lot of characters with problems. Reading this novel reminded me of watching a soap opera. The story focused on Olivia, the judge of Cedar Cove, and her newly-wedded life with her husband, Jack. They suffer from a traumatic event. Grace also has problems with her love life since Cliff, her love interest, ignores her, and appears unable to forgive her for her indiscretion. Then there’s Linette, a teen-aged girl who has a huge crush on her boyfriend, Anson. Anson is from the wrong side of the tracks, from the wrong side of the law, and she’s been forbidden to see him. There’s also Cecilia, who is pregnant. She’s worried about this pregnancy because her first child (born in a previous book) only lived a short time. Her first baby died from a heart ailment and she’s worried about the life of her second child. Her husband, Ian, is in the military and it’s hard for her to go through this pregnancy while her husband is at sea. However, she had a nice network of military wives to which she goes to for strength during her pregnancy.

Then there’s Justine and her husband Seth who own the Lighthouse Restaurant. The Lighthouse Restaurant is a popular seafood place in Cedar Cove. MaryEllen is also going through a difficult pregnancy and her husband Jon is struggling to help her. They have a two-year old daughter, Katie. Needing assistance, MaryEllen tries to convince Jon to reach out to his family, but, he can’t forgive his family for lying against him, forcing him to go to prison for a crime he did not commit.

In the small town of Cedar Cove, a lot of the residents know one another. The setting reminded me a Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. This book had a huge cast of characters. I can understand why it was made into a Hallmark Channel TV series. I’ve never watched it, though. I’ve been meaning to give it a try, but, time has just gotten away with me.

Have you ever lived in a small town where a lot of the residents knew one another? Do you like small-town life?


Here Comes Trouble

May 21, 2015 Posted by novelistcd


Here Comes Trouble by Debbie Macomber

Have you (or someone that you know) ever dated a rich person? If so, did his/her wealth affect your relationship?

When Nolan Adams publishes a column about Maryanne, a spoiled and rich debutante, vivid sparks fly between the twosome. Maryanne does not want to be portrayed as a rich and pampered woman, although rich and pampered is her lifestyle. She lives in a pricey, high class apartment. Her father arranged for her to get a wonderful job at the newspaper. She’s always had everything handed to her on a silver platter, and she wants to prove to Nolan that she can work on her own, with no help from her family, and still make a living.

Trying to live life as a regular, non-wealthy person proves challenging. But, Maryanne is falling hard for Nolan, but, can Nolan let go of his past pains and learn to love Maryanne? Nolan has been raised with limited means, and he feels that Maryanne is out of his league. No way can he pursue her.

This was a nice sweet story. I’d thought from the cover (it’s part of the Glad Tidings collection), that it’d be more about Christmas. But the Christmas holiday is only mentioned briefly in the beginning and at the end.

So, have you (or someone that you know) ever dated someone who was wealthy? If so, how did it affect your relationship?


Here Comes Trouble by Debbie Macomber

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Interview with Cecelia Dowdy! Dont’ forget to leave a comment! :-)


The Inn At Rose Harbor

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The Inn At Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber

Have you ever had a best friend or a spouse to die unexpectedly? If so, how did you deal with your grief?

Jo Marie is still reeling from the recent, unexpected death of her military husband, Paul. She needs a change in her life, so, she opens a bed and breakfast in the small friendly town of Cedar Cove. She names her place The Rose Harbor Inn. One of her first two guests are Joshua Weaver, a man who has been called back to town by Michelle, a woman he befriended in high school. Michelle beckons him back to town because his step-father is dying. Joshua wants nothing to do with his step-father since the man treated him so horribly while he was growing up.

Her second guest is Abby Kincaid. Abby was driving the car which killed her best friend in high school. She can never forgive herself for the accident and she cuts herself off from her friends and family, shunning their offers of friendship and love. After being absent for several years, she’s back in Cedar Cove to attend her brother’s wedding. Can she find the courage to move forward with her life and forgive herself for the accident?

I liked this book. I think one of the unique aspects that I liked about it was that it touched upon the realm of the supernatural, just a little bit. Overall, a nice, heartwarming read.

So, have you ever had a best friend or a spouse to die unexpectedly? If so, how did you deal with your grief?


Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all! Mother’s how will you be spending your special day?