Frosting and Flurries!

August 28, 2016 Posted by novelistcd

I’m pairing up with some wonderful authors this autumn! We’re going to do a box set of Christmas stories. Book four of my Bakery Romance Series will be included in this collection. If you enjoyed my other stories, then I encourage you to purchase the box set once it’s released! This is a great way to introduce you to some more Christian romance authors!

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Love Finds You In Treasure Island Florida

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Love Finds You in Treasure Island Florida

Have you ever vacationed in Florida? If so, what was you favorite Florida vacation spot?

Jerry is on vacation in Treasure Island Florida with his elderly parents. He’s been attracted to pretty Amanda for the last few years. He comes each year with his parents for vacation – he rents a tandem for the older couple from Amanda’s bike shop.

Amanda is attracted to Jerry too, and when he comes in this year to rent the tandem, they end up doing a lot more than just saying “hello” to each other.

However, Amanda is a mother-figure to her irresponsible younger sister Lacey. Plus, she doesn’t consider herself a good candidate as a girlfriend since she’s had a troubled past with her mom. She’s also never gotten over being stood up at the altar by her ex-fiancé.

Jerry has his own set of problems. He’s only in the beach town of treasure island because he’s vacationing with his folks. After awhile, he’ll be returning with his parents back to Atlanta. His folks are getting older and they have health problems, too. If Jerry doesn’t take care of his parents then, who will? How can he even consider a relationship when he has so many responsibilities?

This book was  a light, gentle, heartwarming read. It’d be a nice book to take with you to the beach.

So, have you ever vacationed in Florida? If so, what was you favorite Florida vacation spot?



Locusts And Wild Honey?

August 19, 2016 Posted by novelistcd

Matthew 3:4 Now John himself was clothed in camel’s hair, with a leather belt around his waist; and his food was locusts and wild honey.

Locusts and wild honey? I’ve always wondered about this. I wish there were more details. John The Baptist wandered around the wilderness dressed in a garment made with camel’s hair, preaching the gospel and he ate locusts and wild honey? I’m wondering if the locusts were alive when he ate them, or if he cooked them over a fire before eating? How does one eat a locust? I’m wondering how easy it was to gather the locusts and wild honey for his meals? If you have any knowledge about this, feel free to share. It just doesn’t sound like an appetizing diet to me. I’m thinking he had other things to eat, but it appears that he may have eaten the locusts and wild honey quite frequently?

Montana by Debbie Macomber

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Montana by Debbie Macomber

Have you ever relocated to another state?

Molly relocates from California to Montana to help her ill grandfather run his ranch. She’s angry and sad about the demise of her ex-husband. Her ex is in prison for swindling old folks out of their funds. When she arrives, she meets Sam Dakota (her grandfather’s foreman). Sam has a few secrets of his own. Molly is at odds about the way she feels about Sam. He’s nice to her kids, especially her wayward son, so, he has a few good attributes.

But, trouble appears. Mysterious acts of vandalism and a mysterious disappearance make this story so intriguing. This was a great book. There was an unexpected slightly suspenseful twist that added a layer of danger to the story. This book was also about how to learn to trust after being hurt by someone that you love.

So, have you ever relocated to another state? If so, was the relocation by choice, or, was it a matter of circumstance?

Magic City Momma Blog Interview

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Come check out my latest interview on Magic City Momma blog! I talk a bit about my writing career, my fan fiction and about my latest release, Sweet Dreams!

Still Mine

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Still Mine by Amy Stuart – this is a secular title

Have you ever known someone who was missing? If so, was she/he ever found?

When Clare is sent on a mission to find a missing woman (Shayna), she’s forced to take a hard look at her own life. Clare becomes enmeshed within the lives of the inhabitants of Shayna’s town. There’s Charlie, the local drug dealer, and his girlfriend Sara. Clare and Sara share a camaraderie while Clare finds herself taking drugs, drinking alcohol, things that she really need so avoid. There’s also Derek, the town’s doctor as well as Jared, Shayna’s ex-husband. There’s also Wilfred and Louise, Shayna’s mentally-unbalanced parents. Who is responsible for Shayna’s disappearance and why was Clare hired to find her?

While Clare searches for Shayna, she’s reminded of the abusive life she’s left behind. She’s forced to face her own fears while the mystery in the town of Blackmoore unravels.

I found this to be a very dark read. It was very suspenseful. I also found the ending to be a bit abrupt and unfinished. I’m a bit curious to know if there will be a second book in this series? I’d recommend this book if you like dark, suspenseful novels.

Have you ever known someone who was missing? Was that person ever found?

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

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The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

Do you still have your wedding dress? Is there a wedding dress in your family that’s been handed down over the generations? 

What does an old wedding dress, a man dressed in purple and two engaged women have in common? Those elements have a lot in common in this book! Engaged, Charlotte has yet to find the perfect wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials. She and her fiancé, Tim, have not even mailed out their wedding invites. When Charlotte purchases an old wedding dress at auction, her whole world changes as she goes on a quest to find out the former owners.

Emily’s story (one of the former wedding dress owners) is set in 1912. She’s engaged to Phillip Saltonstall, but, why can’t she shake the romantic feelings she has for her former beau (Daniel Ludlow) when he returns from his baseball season? He abandoned her, and since she has never heard from him, she figured he didn’t want to continue their relationship. Emily is floored when she finds out the truth about Daniel’s lack of communication.

This book will take you back in time. The stories of the former owners include thought-provoking subjects, such as racial tension. Overall, a good read.

So, do you still have your wedding dress? Is there a wedding dress in your family that’s been handed down for generations? 

Greetings From Grand Cayman! :-)

June 16, 2016 Posted by novelistcd

We’re on vacation in Grand Cayman! We’re leaving this afternoon! Here are a few pics! I loved playing with those sting rays! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA turtle3 turtle

Sweet Dreams – Chapter 1

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Sweet Dreams will be released on June 23rd as an e-book.

This is the first chapter:

Chapter 1

Rain pounded on the roof of the stretch limousine. Thin streams of water slid down the closed window. The rain reminded him of his unending tears. He’d never cried so much in his life. Tired of staring out into the gloomy day, Sterling focused on his two brothers. His bottom lip quivered as salty wetness spilled down his cheek. He swiped the moisture away. Toughen up, that’s what he needed to do. He needed to be strong. Burying Dad had been awful and now he had to hold himself together before they had the meal at his home for the funeral guests.

The car swerved. His brother, Leon’s neck-length dreadlocks bounced as he jerked forward. “Watch it!” Leon’s voice boomed at the limo driver.

“Sorry about that.” The driver peeked at the threesome in the rearview mirror. “High winds out there, just hit a rough patch.”

He couldn’t take his brother anywhere without acting a fool. “Don’t pay my brother any attention.”

Leon pulled a small flask from his backpack, poured amber liquid into one of the glasses provided in the back of the limo.

Louis, Leon’s twin, wiped his wet eyes, his mouth mashed down. “Man, don’t get wasted.”

Leon gritted his teeth, clutched his booze. “Don’t tell me what to do.” He gulped the liquid during the hour-long drive from the gravesite. It was mighty tempting to grab that flask and toss it out the window. No, he couldn’t do that. His brother would act even worse if confronted. Ignoring his brother, he focused on the raging Florida storm. The leaves from the palm trees lifted in the wet summer breeze as they passed stretches of deserted beaches.

The threesome remained silent during the rest of the journey. When skyscrapers, hotels and city streets zoomed by, signaling their arrival into Miami, Sterling sat up straighter in his seat. He squeezed his hands into fists, his eyes watering. Again, he blinked his tears away. He focused on Leon. The empty flask tumbled from his fingers, his eyes partially closed. Drool dripped from his mouth. How disgusting.

He grabbed tissues from the box on the floor, shoved them into Leon’s hand. “Wipe your mouth.”

Leon pressed the tissue over his full lips, his hooded eyes appeared glassy and unfocused. Leon dropped the tissues on the floor, his thin body swaying. They’d be home soon. He’d barely have enough time to get everything ready for the guests. He didn’t know what he’d do about his crazy brother.

He closed his eyes, leaned back on the leather seat. Fatigue settled into his bones like hot glue. He’d been awake all night, baking sweet treats in the bakery he ran with his father. He wanted to serve the baked goods during the after-funeral meal as a final memory to his dad.

He closed his eyes. Maybe if he could just rest for a few minutes, he’d find the energy to make it through this day. The limo stopped. Sterling opened his eyes, smiled. Home, finally. He was just one step closer to getting through this awful day. He said a few words to the limo driver before he rushed to his front door. Fat drops of cool rain slithered down his face. He glanced back, spotted Leon shuffling behind him. Louis’s deep angry voice sliced through the humid air while he fussed at his twin.

Sterling unlocked the door, but before he could open it, Leon kicked it, crashing it open. The door swung into the wall, the loud racket filled the otherwise silent house. Leon shoved Sterling aside, stumbled into the house, water dripping from his hair. Sterling grabbed Leon’s shoulder, pushing him into a chair. “Man, would you sober up?” Leon’s hooded eyes remained glassy.

Sterling sighed, rushed into the kitchen to get the boxes of desserts he’d baked. He kept his eye on Leon. His brother continued sulking in the chair like a wounded cow. Gritting his teeth, he placed the cookies on the tray as thoughts of his father filled his tired brain. He recalled how often he and his dad had made these vanilla cookies in their bakery. He hurried with his task, wanting to finish before the guests arrived.

Louis approached the table, clamped his hand on Sterling’s shoulder. “You need some help?”

“No, I’ve got this.” This was his tribute to his dad. He needed to be the one to arrange the treats on the serving table. He’d always been closest to their father.

“Why did Daddy do that?”  Leon’s slurred, drunken voice grated on his nerves. Sterling winced, dropped one of the vanilla cookies. It landed on the floor in a sugary heap. Why did Leon have to refer to Dad’s unfavorable terms on his life insurance policy now? He’d been complaining about it while they drove to the burial site. He figured his brother would at least wait until another day to bring this up again.

He lifted the ruined cookie, tossed it into the trash. He closed his eyes. Jesus, help me to mend the rift between me and my brother.

He finally pushed the box of cookies aside, rushing to Leon, grabbing his arm. “Man, would you calm down?”

Louis followed behind him obviously wanting to help. “You know how stupid he acts when he’s wasted.”

Leon jerked his arm away, narrowed his eyes. He pulled a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket. His partially unknotted tie hung loosely around his neck and brown spots of booze tainted his shirt. Leon stood and stormed to the table, grabbing a cookie and throwing it on the floor. He crushed the confection with his foot. Sterling grabbed Leon’s shoulder, turning him around. “Stop it! Now!”

Leon jerked away, pushing a cigarette into his mouth. He flicked his lighter, attempting to light his cigarette.

“Ugh!” Sterling grabbed Leon’s arm. “Cut it out! You know you can’t smoke in my house!” He hated the acrid scent of cigarette smoke.

Leon jerked away, still trying to light his cigarette. Would this day ever end? Sterling grabbed Leon again. Louis attempted to take the lighter away and Leon dropped it, the flame catching onto the carpet.

Louis stomped the flame, creating a black smear. He grabbed Leon’s other arm and they pushed Leon against the wall. Louis spoke through clenched teeth. “You idiot!”

Leon glared at his brothers. When they finally released him, he calmly picked up his lighter and lit another cigarette. He then cursed, his mouth set in a hard, tense line. “You guys can’t tell me what to do. I’m smoking.” Leon puffed on his cigarette, as if daring his brothers to stop him.

Sterling eyed the cookies he’d been setting out before dropping onto the couch, weary, tired, suffering from enough drama over the past week to last a lifetime. Louis plopped down beside him, running his hand over his forehead. “My head’s killing me. You got any aspirin?”

Sterling made a trip to the bathroom and got the bottle of pills for this brother. He then refocused on the cookies and cakes. He wiped his moist eyes as visions of his dad danced through his head like a non-stop movie. Leon shuffled around the living room, smoking his cigarette, mumbling as if in a trance.

He eyed the desserts he’d prepared in loving memory of their father: Bright red velvet cake smothered in white cream cheese frosting, vanilla sugar cookies, lemon pound cake and a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with nuts. The delicious sugary scents of the sweets were now tainted with the nicotine smell from Leon’s cigarette.

He sniffed, turned away, wiped his eyes with a tissue. Louis glared at his twin. “I hope Leon doesn’t act a fool when everybody gets here.”

Sterling rubbed his tired eyes, downing two of the aspirins with a cup of water. “You tried to stop him from drinking. He never listens to us.” Although Louis and Leon were identical twins, their personalities were as different as night and day. Louis was always apologizing for Leon, as if he felt responsible for Leon’s crude behavior.

Leon’s voice boomed from across the room while he dropped into a chair. “Why would he do this?” He glared, his cigarette dangled from his mouth. “Why?”

Sterling forced himself to stare into his brother’s eyes. “I told you, I don’t know! You’d better get yourself sobered up before the people come here to eat.” The thought of his drunken brother acting foolish around his father’s friends was almost enough to make him puke.

Leon took another drag from his cigarette. “You make me sick. Dad always favored you and treated me and Louis like crap!”

“Would you stop?” Sterling turned away, ignoring the ugly truth that tumbled from his brother’s mouth. He’d always been so close to his dad. He recalled that a lot of his school mates didn’t get along with their fathers.

That wasn’t the case with Sterling. He supposed that their shared love of baking had helped them to create a bond as thick as a corded rope. He took deep breaths, the ugly truth from his brother’s mouth haunting his mind. The twins had always been on the fringes of the close relationship he’d shared with their father – almost as if they were on the outside, looking in.

“Why would Dad make you the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy? Why?” Leon’s deep angry voice cracked throughout the living room like thunder.

Sterling shot out of the chair, stormed toward his brother. The good Lord knew he wanted to make everything better. But, he couldn’t do that until Leon stopped drinking. “I don’t know.” He took a deep breath. Jesus, help me.  “I don’t know why Dad did this. We can talk about it later.”

Louis approached his twin. “Come on, Leon. I’ll drive you home so that you can go to sleep.”

Leon shook his head. “No, don’t want to.”

Sterling checked his watch. The guests would be arriving soon and he didn’t want Leon around. Leon glared at them. It looked like he needed to repeat Louis’s suggestion. “Let Louis drive you home. This is hard on all of us and we need to deal with it.”

Leon cursed again, dousing his cigarette in the paper cup he’d used as an ashtray. “Easy for you to say.” He stood, and jammed his index finger into Sterling’s chest, speaking in a low voice. “Dad made you the sole beneficiary. Is he trying to tell me and Louis that we’re not good enough, that we’re not really his sons?”

Sterling squeezed his eyes shut. “Leon, I don’t know.” He glanced at the wall, sniffed, his eyes again becoming wet. “You and Louis– ”

The fist that slammed into his jaw took him by surprise. White hot pain seared his face as he stumbled against the wall, knocking a picture onto the floor. “Ugh.” He held his jaw as Leon attempted another blow. He pushed his brother away, resisting the urge to pummel Leon’s face.

Louis grabbed his twin. “Cut it out!”

Tears streamed from Leon’s eyes as he glared at Sterling, balling his hands into fists, as if resisting the urge for another blow. “I. Can’t. Stand. You.”

Sterling swallowed, stunned. This was the first time he’d seen his brother so tormented and out of control. “Calm down.”


When Leon stormed toward Sterling, his fisted hand swerved toward Sterling’s face. Sterling blocked the clumsy punch. “Ugh!” Lord, I want to knock the daylights out of my brother. But, I’m so angry now, if I start hitting him, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop.

Rosalia’s Bittersweet Pastry Shop

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Rosalia’s Bittersweet Pastry Shop

Have you ever been through a tragic or traumatic experience that strengthened your faith in God?

This book was such a sweet treat to read! I mean that literally. The pastries, cakes and cookies, so decadent and divine! This novel also has some tasty recipes at the end!

After a traumatic experience, young Rosalia is separated from her family. Mentally and physically broken, she’s unable to forgive herself for her horrible experience and she’s rescued by a group of nuns. The nuns run a famous pastry shop. Rosalia finds joy, comfort and love by working with the nuns, learning to bake sweets.

This book is about overcoming unwarranted guilt, learning to love ourselves in spite of life’s traumatic experiences. In spite of all that happened to her, Rosalia tried hard to keep her faith in God, even when her questions remained unanswered. Her pastries become well-known in Italy – her unique sweets are so delicious that people think she must add a secret ingredient.

I highly recommend this book if you like stories about food and faith.

So, have you ever been through a tragic or traumatic experience that strengthened your faith in God?