October 28, 2007 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Here’s another extinct inspirational category romance series. Like Silhouette Inspirations, it started in 1984. Again, it’d be great to see all of the covers, but it’s too much of a long and daunting process to download all of those images to place on my blog! I did find the cover of the first book in the series, though!

I believe I read a few of the Jane Peart titles on this list! However, I didn’t read them when they were first released! I got them at a reduced price at a bookstore back in the nineties.

SERS-1 Dengler, Sandy Summer Snow Feb-1984
SERS-2 Gilge, Jeanette Call Her Blessed 1984
SERS-3 Kletzing, Karen Ina 1984
SERS-4 Graham, Brenda Knight Juliana of Clover Hill Feb-1984
SERS-5 Dengler, Sandy The Song of the Nereids 1984
SERS-6 Watson, Elaine Anna’s Rocking Chair Feb-1984
SERS-7 Feldhake, Susan C. In Love’s Own Time 1984
SERS-8 Peart, Jane Yankee Bride 1984
SERS-9 Karr, Kathleen Light of My Heart 1984
SERS-10 Feldhake, Susan C. Love Beyond Surrender 1984
SERS-11 Gilge, Jeanette All the Days After Sunday Dec-1984
SERS-12 McAvoy, Elaine Anne Irresistible Love Apr-1985
SERS-13 Sayler, Mary Harwell Hand Me Down the Dawn May-1985
SERS-14 Peart, Jane Rebel Bride Jun-1985
SERS-15 Yapp, Kathleen Speak Softly, Love Jul-1985
SERS-16 Karr, Kathleen From This Day Forward Jul-1985
SERS-17 Cook, Jacquelyn The River Between Oct-1985
SERS-18 Peart, Jane Valiant Bride 1985
SERS-19 Langer, Maryn Wait for the Sun Jul-1985
SERS-20 Darty, Peggy Kincaid of Cripple Creek Sep-1985
SERS-21 Cornelius, Kay Love’s Gentle Journey Oct-1985
SERS-22 Conrad, Jean Applegate Landing Nov-1985
SERS-23 Sayler, Mary Harwell Beyond the Smoky Curtains Nov-1985
SERS-24 Watson, Elaine To Dwell in the Land Nov-1985
SERS-25 Langer, Maryn Moon for a Candle Oct-1985
SERS-26 Cheyney, Jeanne The Conviction of Charlotte Grey Nov-1985
SERS-27 Dengler, Sandy Opal Fires Mar-1986
SERS-28 Langer, Maryn Divide the Joy Feb-1986
SERS-29 Darty, Peggy Cimarron Sunset Feb-1986
SERS-30 Dengler, Sandy This Rolling Land Jan-1986
SERS-31 Cook, Jacquelyn Wind Along the River Mar-1986
SERS-32 Ellison, Suzanne Sycamore Settlement Jun-1986
SERS-33 Brand, Irene Where Morning Dawns Jun-1986
SERS-34 Winters, Donna Elizabeth of Saginaw Bay Jul-1986
SERS-35 Schulte, Elaine L. Westward My Love
SERS-36 Peart, Jane Ransomed Bride
SERS-37 Schulte, Elaine L. Dreams of Gold Jul-1986
SERS-40 Cook, Jacquelyn Image in the Looking Glass Jun-1987
SERS-44 Brand, Irene Come Gentle Spring
SERS-45 Feldhake, Susan C. Seasons of the Heart Mar-1987
SERS-47 Conrad, Jean Golden Gates May-1987

I recognize some of the authors. Do any of you see any familiar names on the list?

Cecelia Dowdy


  1. BarbC says:

    I definitely recognize some of the authors on the list. I have read some of Jane Peart’s Bride books… Peggy Darty, Sandy Dengler, Kay Cornelius, and Irene Brand… they write for Heartsongs and / or Love Inspired. In fact, Peggy Darty has one on here called Cimarron Sunset.. and I remember some books she had through HeartSongs that were Cimarron books.


  2. Dawn Rone says:

    My mother bought the Serenade/Seranata books for my sister and I (when were teenagers) to read in the early 1980’s. It was a Christiaan books series that gave you 4 books every month in the mail. I had all of the books in the series but they were lost over the years. I am seeking to purchase the series to read the books all over again. (If you are interested in selling them let me know.) Thank you for posting your blog with the serenade series, it definitely brings back a lot of happy memories.

  3. Hi, Dawn – Actually, Dawn is my middle name and a lot of friends and family members call me Dawn. I don’t have the series, either. I’ve never read them. I didn’t even realize they existed until I heard an elderly author speak at a conference. She told of how she got started writing inspirationals a long time ago, before the market for Christian fiction took off! I believe it was Irene Brand that mentioned the series to me. Made me sit up and take notice! I even asked her afterwards about the series, letting her know I wanted to blog about them. Have you tried seeking the series on Amazon or another site that sells used books? Perhaps you can find it there! Well, have a blessed day! It’s always nice to get new vistors on my blog! I encourage you to become a follower!

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