Christmas Belles Of Georgia

December 23, 2012 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

This is a nice novella collection to read over the holidays. You can purchase Christmas Belles of Georgia from Amazon for only $1.99! Download it onto your Kindle!

From the backcover:

They were sisters once—identical quadruplets—given up for adoption at birth. Now each receives a letter advising her to claim her inheritance and the family she never knew. . .at Christmas. Holly feels betrayed when she learns she’s adopted, while Carol prays for a loving family. Starr thinks it’s all a hoax, and Noelle needs a break from a hopeless situation. There are more surprises in store as each young woman gets just the gift she wants—and needs. You’ll be warmed by love in these interwoven tales of the ultimate Christmas gift. . . .

~Cecelia Dowdy~


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