Sunday Brunch – Noah’s Ark And The Book Of Jashar/Jasher/Yashar

November 17, 2013 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy


Can you tell me the story about Noah’s Ark in Genesis? What happened when God commanded Noah to build the ark?

When I found out about the Noah movie being released in March 2014, I pulled out my Bible to read the account of Noah and the building of the ark – Genesis 6-9. When I read those chapters, I was confused. Why? Because, for some reason, I remembered when Noah was building the ark, people were laughing at him, making fun of him. They mocked Noah because it had never rained before on the earth, and they didn’t believe that God would cause a flood to destroy all of the creatures on the earth? The people seemed to think Noah was a lunatic. I also recall that after God shut the ark’s door, the people outside the ark banged on the door, begging Noah to let them in.

Although the Nephilim, sons of God, and daughters of men, are mentioned in the beginning of the sixth chapter, the rest of the Flood passage doesn’t mention other people besides Noah and his family. I’m not sure why I vividly recall learning the account differently?

Curious, I did a Google search, just to see if others recalled the same details as I. Surprisingly, I found other people had questions about the Noah Biblical Flood text – I found references that people recalled similar details as I did.

I then found some state that the book of Jashar, referenced in 2 Samuel 1:18 and Joshua 10:13, may contain some of the details that I recall from the Noah story I’d heard as a child. But, from my internet research, there is little known about the Book of Jashar/Jasher/Yashar – there was a book published by the same name, in 1625 – but, it’s not the same book referenced in the Bible – the 1625 book is just using the same name as the book mentioned in the Biblical text. The 1625 version appears to have the details that I was looking for in the the Genesis account. Confusing? Right?

What’s the point of this blog post? I’m not really sure! I’m just wondering if other blog readers recall learning the details about other people, besides Noah’s family, in the Flood reference in Genesis.

What do you recall about the Biblical account of the flood? Read Genesis 6-9! Compare Genesis 6-9 with what you recall learning about the Flood.


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