Sleigh Bells Ring!

December 17, 2016 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy


Sleigh Bells Ring – Four Contemporary Romance Novellas

Have you ever had unresolved differences with a parent? Have you ever lost a parent before you could resolve those differences?

In Sleigh Bells Ring, four sisters are summoned home after their father dies. All four of the sisters were estranged from their dad when he’d died. They carry a lot of pain and regrets – wishing that they could have resolved their differences. As each sister returns to their horse farm (their childhood home), they take a step back in time as they re-encounter folks from their youth. The sisters need to come together as they decide what to do with their horse farm – should they sell it, or, should they keep it in the family?

This book gives a glimpse of how past pains can affect our current lives. It’s also a story about forgiveness. This is a good, heartwarming read for the Christmas season.

So, have you ever had unresolved differences with a parent? Were you ever able to talk about your issues, and tell your parent(s) how you felt? Have you ever lost a parent and wished your relationship could have been better before their death? 

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  1. Ausjenny says:

    I guess I did have some with mum but didn’t realise at the time. I was her carer for many years and often felt like she was very judgemental with me in some ways. She past away 4 years ago and it was doing counselling last year I worked out that a lot of the issues we had were her issues. She had her own issues she never really dealt with and had transferred them onto me. She was controlling me because she couldn’t handle being alone but I doubt she knew. Once I could understand this I was able to forgive her (even though she had passed away) and I feel so much better about myself

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