What’s Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

December 14, 2016 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy


What’s your favorite Christmas memory? Leave a comment and tell me more about it!

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  1. Ausjenny says:

    Not sure its my favourite but the year Dad died we thought it would be such a hard Christmas. I was 12 and normally on Christmas Eve people would drop in to visit for a short time and mum always had soft drink and nibbles. that first Christmas no one came at all. But for Christmas Day another Lady who had been widowed and her daughter invited us for lunch knowing how hard it can be. We had a wonderful day with them and some of there family. We did this for another 5 or 6 years and it really did make Christmas special and I always remember that kindness because it would have been such a hard year on our own. Someone also invited us out for Dinner so we had two meals away from home

  2. My grandfather would fill a big box with dollar bills, coins and cut up newspapers. There were 2 holes in each side of the box for my cousins and me and when Papa said, “Go!” we had to grab as much out of the box that we could in the time allotted. When the time ended, we’d go through what we gathered to see who grabbed the most. The best part was that he’d hide money in the cut up newspapers and even in parts of the box. I always enjoyed our Christmas treasure hunts!

  3. Jenny, it was so nice of your friends to reach out to you and with their kindness. They were there for you when you really needed them.

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