Are You A Bread Baker?

March 22, 2017 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Do you like to bake bread?

I’ve been researching how bread was baked in ancient and historical times. From what I gathered, all bread baked back then was sourdough, using a sourdough starter. Apparently, it took the bread a long time to rise, too. I decided to bake a loaf of bread just using my sourdough starter (without using any commercial yeast to help it along).

Well, the bread had a great texture, and it was sour, highly sour, but edible! Not sure when I’m doing that again without commercial yeast. Reason being, it took a LONG TIME to rise. I have a new oven and it has a bread proof setting. So, I left it in my warm environment for about 24 hours! I kneaded it and added more flour to it a few times too.

To make my bread I used:

King Arthur Bread Flour

King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour


An entire cup of sourdough starter!

Olive Oil



When I make it again, I might add a couple of eggs. It wasn’t hard, just time-consuming!

So, are you a bread baker? What kind(s) of bread to you like to bake?


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