Barbour Publishing – Agreement For Underground Railroad Novella Collection

June 8, 2017 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Do you like to read historical romance novels?

Well, it’s been a long time, but, I’ve finally received a contract for a commercially published novel. The Underground Railroad Brides Collection (tentative title) will feature my novella The Bakery Bride. The tentative release date is June 2018.

I’ve been focusing on my indie published books for the last few years. Before that, I was seeking commercial publication for about four years (last commercial contract I received was probably in 2008 or 2009). Like most authors, I found the indie/self-pubbed market to be lucrative only after releasing several books. I love releasing my own works myself as e-books. However when approached about doing this project, I agreed to submit something. Reason why? I’ve been itching to see one of my books in a bookstore (or places like Walmart, Target, etc.). Seeing this novella collection on the shelf will cure that itch.

I’ll still be releasing my own works since I love doing that! I’m unclear as to if I’ll continue to seek other commercial/traditional contracts though.

Doing this book is a leap of faith for me. This will be my first historical novel. Prior to this, all of my works have been contemporary.

So do you like to read historical novels? If so, do you have a favorite time period?

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  1. Nedra Jones Smith says:

    Congratulations, Cecelia! Though I don’t often read historical novels, I think The Bakery Bride sounds interesting. May God bless you in your work!

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