The Dressmaker

September 9, 2017 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

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Saturday Matinee

The Dressmaker

Have you ever had a childhood experience that haunted your life?

When Tilly returns to her childhood home in the secluded Australian outback, she’s changed…a lot. She’s now a successful dressmaker and the ladies in town are clamoring for her to make them a new dress. The town has little access to fashionable clothes and Tilly is their ticket to looking beautiful for their beaus.

But, Tilly is not in town to make dresses. She approaches her mom, desperate to recall the details to a murder which she’s forgotten. Perhaps being back in this God-forsaken town will jog her memory.

Tilly also connects with Teddy, a sympathetic childhood friend who develops a soft spot for her.

I really enjoyed this movie. The movie showed how rotten and unforgiving people can be, but, also you saw people jump to Tilly’s defense to help solve the details of the murder mystery. There were so many emotions packed in this movie: love, hate, fear. A tragic event happens that I was NOT expecting. It’s difficult to talk more about the emotions without giving spoilers.

This movie had me mesmerized from the beginning and the acting and the scenery was AMAZING! Such a treat to watch this film and I highly recommend it.

Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses – due in part to her acting in Titanic (my all-time favorite movie). Kate and the rest of the cast did great in this movie.

So, have you ever had a childhood experience that haunted your life?

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