Saturday Matinee – Hallmark Christmas Movies

December 30, 2017 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Did you watch any good Christmas movies this year? If so, please leave a comment with your recommendations!

I watched a plethora of Christmas movies this year. Most of them were from the Hallmark Channel. Here are the movies I watched on the Hallmark Channel – beware, some of the details are kinda sketchy since it’s been weeks since I watched some of these:

Marry Me at Christmas – this was a sweet, cheesy movie about a wedding planner (Madeline) who falls for the bride’s brother (Johnny Blake – a famous star). There’s tension between them initially since Johnny thinks that folks like him simply because he’s a star. There are some tense moments and misunderstandings between the couple. Since their worlds are so different, they clash, but, they can’t resist their deep attraction!

Christmas Festival of Ice – this was another sweet movie about a soon-to-be lawyer (Emma) who discovers that her town’s ice-sculpting contest has been cancelled. She campaigns to keep the contest alive and sparks fly when she finds her new ice-sculpting partner (Nick). Emma doesn’t know if she really wants to be a lawyer – after all, ice sculpting is in her blood and it’s fun! It’s also nice to work with Nick, too!

Miss Christmas – Miss Christmas is known for finding the perfect tree for her Chicago festival. When a young boy sends her a letter, telling her about the perfect tree, she’s determined to get this tree for her big event. However, the boy’s dad refuses to give up the tree. The tree means a lot to him and he wants to keep it on his land. Of course they find they’re attracted to one another as they battle over the tree.

The Sweetest Christmas – Kylie is stunned when her boyfriend acts as if he’s going to propose to her, but, offers her a promotion instead. Her world brightens when she discovers that she’s finaled in a gingerbread house competition. She needs a commercial oven to practice and her old boyfriend (Nick) offers the use of his pizzeria oven. This was one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies this year. I think I enjoyed it because of the gingerbread competition (I’m a sucker for anything involving sweets!) I also loved that she grows closer to her old boyfriend while she uses his oven. Also, I love pizza, too, so, that just gave me something more to enjoy about this sweet film!

With Love, Christmas – Melanie is assigned her Scrooge-like co-worker (Donovan) for Secret Santa. As they work together on a project, Donovan wonders about the Secret Santa who keeps texting him. He doesn’t realize it’s Melanie – and mistakenly thinks it’s someone else! Melanie doesn’t want Donovan to assume that someone else is his Secret Santa. Why can’t he realize that she’s the one who’s been texting him?

The Mistletoe Inn – This was another favorite of mine this year since it involves two writers. When Kim’s boyfriend breaks up with her because she’s not serious about writing, she’s stunned. She attends a writers retreat and runs into her recent ex-boyfriend as well as Zeke, her retreat writing partner. Zeke has some surprises up his sleeve and now her ex-boyfriend wants to get chummy with her again. I really liked how things turned out with this threesome. This was an enjoyable Christmas movie.

Christmas in Evergreen – a delightful movie about a widower, his daughter, the town’s vet and a magical snow globe. Such a charming story.

Christmas at Holly Lodge – a nice, typical story about a woman who’s fighting to keep her business from going under.

Christmas Next Door – a typical story about a Scrooge-like bachelor who is forced to become a family man and face his dislike for Christmas. His pretty next-door neighbor adds a nice touch to this sweet story.

Christmas Getaway – a nice, typical story about a mix-up (both of the main characters are forced to share a cabin due to a booking mistake). Emory has never had a traditional Christmas and her new cabin mate and his adorable daughter help her to celebrate Christmas the old-fashioned way.

I rented the following two movies:

The Spirit of Christmas – this movie was unusual because it involves a ghost. An old house has not been sold because the realtors have been scared off by a ghost (Daniel). Kate is determined to sell this old house – after all, there’s no such thing as ghosts, right? But, Kate meets Daniel…and she’s stunned. Is it okay to be attracted to a sexy, handsome ghost?

A Cinderella Christmas – I really loved this movie! Orphaned Angie works hard running her uncle’s catering business. Her cousin Candace takes credit for all her hard work. Angie dresses in disguise to attend a formal masquerade ball. When Nick encounters Angie, he’s intrigued. Afterwards, he’s determined to find the sexy girl who was in disguise, but, he’s confused. Was the mysterious woman Angie, or was it her cousin Candace? Out of all the Christmas movies I viewed this year, this one was my favorite! I highly recommend you watch this movie!

So, have you watched any wonderful Christmas movies this year? Please tell me about them!

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6 Responses to Saturday Matinee – Hallmark Christmas Movies

  1. Richard Peter Ricci says:

    I enjoy most all of the Hallmark Christmas movies.

    • Cecelia Dowdy says:

      Hi, Richard Peter! Thanks for responding. You’re one of the few men I’ve encountered who enjoys Hallmark movies! They are nice emotional love tales!

  2. Mary Stalling says:

    I loved all of them, and watched them over and over! I think !my favorite was Christmas Getaway.

  3. Itene says:

    I love Christmas Getaway

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