Sugar and Spice – The Bakery Romance Series – Book 4

Sugar and Spice, Book 4 of The Bakery Romance Series – a Christmas novella romance collection! Only 99 cents! Available on Kindle Unlimited! Sugar and Spice is also available in the Frosting and Flurries Collection!

Sheila Parks is stunned when Mason Smith, the identical twin brother of her ex-boyfriend Reese, moves to Blue Spring and opens a bakery. Reese’s cruel breakup still bothers her and seeing somebody who looks just like him is a painful reminder of her predicament. Unemployed, Sheila needs financial help and it appears that Mason can assist her with her problem. Can she learn to trust a man who looks just like her ex?

Mason is stunned when Sheila storms into his bakery, mistakenly thinking that he’s Reese. Mason is used to comforting his womanizing brother’s ex-girlfriends. A stutterer, Mason has always had a hard time socializing with others. However, he finds himself smitten with beautiful Sheila. Can he control his stutter so that he can ask Sheila to be his date to his grandmother’s Christmas birthday party?

Both Sheila and Mason deal with past pains as they work together during the Christmas season.

Sugar and Spice

Frosting and Flurries – Sugar and Spice is included in this collection! On Kindle Unlimited and only 99 cents!

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