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The Sheriff’s Runaway Bride – A Sweet Romance – Steeple Hill Love Inspired

September 13, 2011 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

The Sheriff’s Runaway Bride

Kylie abandons her fiance minutes before her wedding – after all, she’s just found him kissing another woman. She literally runs into Zach, the new sheriff in Clayton. Zach is back in town as the sheriff, however, he’s  not here to stay. He’s only here temporarily until he fulfills a familial obligation – an obligation that could bring him a nice inheritance. Kylie has big dreams. She’s determined to become a wedding planner in a big town, therefore leaving Clayton. She’s only staying in Clayton to work to help out her financially destitute family. She almost married the wrong guy for the wrong reasons – she’d hoped her marriage would save her family from their financial plight, however, she’s glad that she discovered the true nature about her ex right before the nuptials.

There’s a slightly mysterious thread throughout this story. Zach befriends a fatherless girl, a girl who looks exactly like him. Could Zach be related to the youngster? Also, Kylie is receiving gifts and letters from her secret admirer, and things are also vandalized, leading her to believe her ex is behind these cruel pranks.

This is a light, fun book that’s pretty enjoyable. You can probably read it in a few days. The slightly suspenseful thread is not overpowering, though. It’s still a good, heartwarming sweet romance.

~Cecelia Dowdy~