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Sweet Dreams Book Giveaway – Go to the Link to enter!

March 17, 2017 Posted by novelistcd

I was featured on Jo Huddleston’s blog, and she’s sponsoring a giveaway for Sweet Dreams! You must read the interview and then leave a comment in order to be entered! Happy reading! 🙂


Magic City Momma Blog Interview

June 25, 2016 Posted by novelistcd


Come check out my latest interview on Magic City Momma blog! I talk a bit about my writing career, my fan fiction and about my latest release, Sweet Dreams!

Book Giveaway – Shades of Chocolate

March 15, 2016 Posted by novelistcd

My friend Lena Nelson Dooley is hosting me on her blog today! You must read the interview and leave a comment in order to be entered into the drawing!

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Check Out My Author Interview! :-)

May 15, 2015 Posted by novelistcd


Interview with Cecelia Dowdy! Dont’ forget to leave a comment! 🙂


Raspberry Kisses – Author Interview!

December 16, 2014 Posted by novelistcd

Come and join me for an author interview at Inspy Romance blog! Please leave a comment!


My Author Interview!

July 4, 2014 Posted by novelistcd

Check out my interview and book giveaway on Elaine Stock’s blog!


Author Interview – Cecelia Dowdy

March 3, 2014 Posted by novelistcd

Visit Allie Owens Crockett’s blog and read my interview! I talk about the next book which I plan on releasing later this year!

~Cecelia Dowdy~

An Amish Miracle Book Giveaway!

December 12, 2013 Posted by novelistcd


***This giveaway is over!! Winner was announced on An Amish Miracle blog post!

I’m giving away a copy of An Amish Miracle (I’ll be reviewing this book within the next few days). You must follow the rules to enter!!

To enter you must:

1. LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES – The publisher won’t ship internationally!

2. Leave your email address when you comment – I need to be able to contact you if you win.

3. You must read Ruth Reid’s interview and comment about something in the interview! I’m doing this to ensure you’ve read the interview.

Interview with Ruth Reid – Author of the novella Always His Providence in An Amish Miracle story collection:

1.        You found your agent through Writers’ Digest magazine, and after you signed with her, you received a contract for your novel. Did you have any writer friends or were you a member of any writers’ organizations that helped you with your publication journey?

I connected with writing friends after I joined the American Christian Fiction Writers on the advice of my agent. I’m so thankful she told me about the group. ACFW is a great on-line community where you can get advice from seasoned authors as well as join critique groups and work chapter by chapter with fellow writers. Now, I not only have wonderful writing friends who share the love of storytelling, I have prayer partners, who have prayed me through some tough times.

2.        Do you have any advice to share with writers who wish to become published?

I’ll pass along my agent’s advice: Join a writing community either locally or on-line and get into a critique group. I would also add, write every day. In order to stay close to your characters, you need to spend time with them every day.

3.        Tell me about your typical writing day.

My writing day isn’t typical at all. I work the night shift seven days on, then have seven days off. My writing time might be during the day or in the middle of the night when my family is sleeping. A few things I do are set a word count goal and not stop writing unless I know where to start the following day. By knowing where to begin, I don’t spend much time staring at a blank screen, and by the time I have to figure out the next scene, I’m already warmed up.

4.        Your interest in the Amish grew from living near them in a Michigan community. Have you ever visited any other Amish communities?

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Lancaster County in PA and Holmes County in OH. One of my favorite memories from those visits was when I stayed in a garage apartment of an ex-Amish turned Mennonite family’s home.

5.        Do you think you might publish a non-Amish novel someday?

I’m willing to write whatever God lays on my heart. He blessed me by opening the door to write Amish, and I am so grateful!

6.        I noticed you purchased a dog after you graduated from pharmacy school. Do you currently have a pet?

We have two dogs. Zyvox is a lazy Weimaraner, and Lady Bird is a spastic Jack Russell.

Thanks much to Ruth Reid for letting me interview her on my blog!


An Amish Miracle:

Always Beautiful by Beth Wiseman

Becky Byler is eighteen and overweight. She is overwhelmed by the embarrassment she feels when comparing herself to other girls her age. Having lost all hope, she considers taking her own life. As she stands before rushing water, unable to swim, Becky begs God for a miracle. In just several months, Becky sees her prayers answered as food and temptation lose their hold over her. She s finally pleased with how she looks, but does she like the person she has become? And has the man she has dreamed of been right beside her all along, loving her exactly as she is?

Always His Providence by Ruth Reid

Widow Rosa Hostetler has one month to pay her delinquent taxes before the county auctions her farm. She s prepared to sell whatever is necessary to pay the lien, but she isn t willing to request money from the community s widow fund. She s embarrassed and refuses to admit she needs help. Rosa depends on income from selling eggs, but when that income is threatened, only a miracle can help Rosa accept the kindness of a neighbor.

Always in My Heart by Mary Ellis

Hope Bowman believes God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son when she was a teenager. She s hidden this secret from her husband, who is thankful for their daughters but longs for a son. Hope prays desperately, but the son God sends her isn t a new baby but the fifteen-year-old boy she gave up years ago.



Book Giveaway And Interview With Beth Wiseman – Plain Peace

November 5, 2013 Posted by novelistcd

***This contest is closed!! Winner was announced here.

1401685943 WisemanBeth

***This contest is closed!! Winner was announced here.

***U.S. Residents only, please! To enter the giveaway, you MUST READ Beth’s interview. Refer to something specific in the interview when you leave your comment! YOU MUST leave your EMAIL address in the comment, too! I need your email address to contact you if you win! If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be entered to win!!

I’m hosting Beth Wiseman on my blog today! I’m giving away a copy of her novel, Plain Peace! Beth has kindly answered these questions:

1.      What influenced you to write Amish fiction? For example, were you raised near an Amish community, or, do you have Amish friends? 

 When I started on this journey, I didn’t know much about being Amish.  But God didn’t just open a window, He flung open large doors…and in I went.  I think that when you are on the right path, things happen effortlessly, and that’s the way it was when I began learning about the Plain People.  I made friends easily, was invited into their homes, and six years later, I’m blessed to have some of the Amish folks on my team, helping me keep the books authentic. 


 2.      How long were you seeking publication before you landed your first book contract?

 I know that’s an easy question, but I have a complicated answer.  I thought myself to be a pretty good storyteller twenty years ago.  In between running a household, holding a full-time job, and raising children, I would jump on the “I want to be published” bandwagon and write.  But, I kept making the same mistake.  I wasn’t studying the craft of writing.  Just like a piano player must practice and learn, so must a writer.  I thought good stories would carry me on to publication.  In 2006, I started to really get serious about publication and began to study the craft.  Eventually, I snagged an agent.  My big break came when Thomas Nelson bought a three-book series from this unpublished author.  And I’ve been happily writing for Thomas Nelson (now under the umbrella of HarperCollins Christian Fiction) ever since.  I’m starting my twentieth book.

 3.      Do you have any advice for other writers who would like to get their novels published? 

 It’s so incredibly cliché, but never give up.  Those who stick it out and really learn the craft will get published.  I really believe that.   

 4.      Do you use critique partner(s)? If so, how long have you had the same critique partner(s)? 

I have never had a critique partner.  I tend to bounce ideas and brainstorm with a couple of non-writer friends, and that seems to work for me.  I’m a seat of the pants writer.  I don’t outline or even like to talk too much about my plots with anyone—until I get hung up on something.  Then I have those ‘go to’ people whom I trust.     

5.      I notice your last two releases, plus your current project, are set in small Texas towns. Why did you decide to set your most recent works in Texas?

I live in a small town in Texas, and it’s quiet and peaceful—most of the time, lol.  I have a sign in my kitchen that reads In a small town, there ain’t much to see, but what you hear sure makes up for it.  Everyone knows everyone in a small town.  And that often makes for a fun story. 

6.      What’s a typical writing day like for you? 

I know most authors would say that there is not a ‘typical’ day in this business.  But I’m structured enough that I like to think I have a typical day lined out, at least some of the time.  I like to get out of bed around 6:30.  Then I have to take care of all my animals.  I have a diabetic cat who needs an insulin shot, a dog with Lupus and she needs a pill, another dog with arthritis and he needs two pills.  Then there are the four goats and two pot-bellied pigs that have to be fed.  I am terrified of birds, so the feeding of the roosters falls on Hubby’s list.  I am keeping my son’s Boxer while he works in Singapore for a year, and Harley does not get along with my other dogs, so I have to move everyone around for her to go outside and potty.  Eventually, I get around to coffee.  Always two cups. 

 I have a lovely office that is my special space, and I usually check emails and try to take care of any administrative stuff before I dive into writing.  I write until about 11 a.m., then tend to break for an early lunch.  In the afternoons, I write from about 1 to 5 p.m.  Then I start dinner.  I try really hard not to work in the evenings but it happens.


And EVERYTHING I’ve mentioned above is subject to change because of a deadline, editor request, the publicist needs something, Agent calls, and so on…  But most days are great days no matter how they are laid out.  I’m super blessed.  


Thanks so much for being on my blog, Beth!

Please leave a comment for the giveaway – and remember the rules – refer to something specific in the interview so that I’ll know you’ve read it!




Interview On The Christian Author Network Blog!

February 7, 2013 Posted by novelistcd

I was interviewed on the Christian Author Network blog today! Read the interview and leave a comment!