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Like A Brother

May 10, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


Like A Brother by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

Have you ever loaned money to a family member? Did they pay you back?

Jeremiah (Jay) is always there to support his family. His support is so strong that his family takes advantage of his kindness – putting his life at a major disadvantage. His dating life is also somewhat complicated since he has a crush on Jenisse, a woman to whom he’s been connected for years. He wants to move forward with his life and date others, but, something is holding him back.

This book shows how complicated familial relationships can be. It’s hard to make the family dynamic work, especially when folks have a lot of issues from which to overcome. God has the answers to our problems and it’s important for folks to own up to their insecurities and issues. Overall, this was a good, insightful read.

This is a unique romance novel told totally from the male point-of-view, which was refreshing. It tells of the struggles that a good, intelligent man can face while trying to date. I think it’s hard for some women to realize that there are good men out there, good men that are struggling to find a good woman. So, when women complain about not being able to find a good man, then they should read this book, see how it is from the other side (the man’s point of view).

So, have you ever loaned money to a family member? If so, did they ever pay you back?


A Husband For Holly

May 3, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


A Husband For Holly by Marion Ueckermann

Have you ever hired an interior decorator? Was it expensive? Were you pleased with the results?

When Holly is hired to decorate the office of the new parish priest, she gives the project her best effort, using her talents to make the office look wonderful. However, Christopher (the new Scottish priest) has much on his mind. He’s still reeling over his broken heart, plus, he has a wandering father who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Holly is not interested in romance right now. Her decorating business takes up most of her time. But, for some reason, she can’t ignore the deep attraction she has for handsome Christopher.

I enjoyed this light, wonderful holiday story. This story also shows how hard it is to deal with an ailing parent.

So, have you ever hired an interior decorator? Was it expensive? Were you pleased with the results?

Wish You Joy by Jan Thompson

April 26, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


Wish You Joy by Jan Thompson

Have you ever disliked your co-worker or business partner? If so, what did you do about it?

Cyrus owns 51 percent of Christmastown, a company that provides Christmas decoration services. Amy, who owns 49 percent of the company, must work with Chris.

She can’t stand him. They start off on the wrong foot, and it’s hard for them to get along. But, Amy has a photography business, and she’s out of the country a lot. She has to time to spend running the business with Cyrus.

But, Amy discovers that her past is not what it seems. She finds she needs to overcome pain from the past before she can move forward with her life.

Overall, a light, good read.

So, have you ever disliked your co-worker or business partner? What did you do to improve your business relationship?

Heavenly Peace by Lesley Ann McDaniel

April 19, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


Heavenly Peace

Have you ever chose a gift tag from a Christmas tree for a needy child? What did that child request as a gift?

When widowed Valerie and her son Ethan visit a coffee shop, they choose a gift tag for a child in need. Ethan is excited, and he spots a man removing the gifts from the tree. “Is that man the Grinch?” Ethan asks his mommy…

Jake is not the Grinch, he’s a man who works with disadvantaged folks, collecting gift donations from under the tree to distribute to needy children.

Valerie is attracted to handsome Jake, but, although her husband is deceased, shouldn’t she remain faithful to him forever, never to marry?

Jake is smitten with Valerie, but, she’s wearing a wedding ring – so, she’s married, isn’t she?

Valerie is shocked when she finally reads the tag she’s removed from the tree. This child has requested a miracle, she doesn’t know how she can give this child her requested gift. Can Jake help her to fulfill the wish for this needy child?

This was a sweet, heartwarming short Christmas story. It was a good, light read.

So, have you ever chose a gift tag for a needy child? If so, what did that child request as a gift?

Calm And Bright

April 12, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


Calm And Bright by Autumn Macarthur

Have you ever had a workaholic spouse?

Maddie Hughes is highly upset with her husband, Brad. Recently divorced, she’s never been able to forgive her ex for upsetting her “perfect” life. She’s left her home and followed him to the city. She was unhappy with her new environment – unhappy and alone. A new mom, she felt Brad had failed her since he spent ALL of his time at work. Now he wants to reunite this Christmas. Is there hope for them?

Brad only worked long hours so that he could provide a nice life for his family. Why can’t Maddie understand that? His father has convinced Brad that making lots of money, moving up the corporate ladder, is what he needs to do to be successful in life.

But, why can’t he have both, a successful career and his family, too?

I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was highly realistic. It’s a nice, sweet Christmas story.

Have you ever been upset with your spouse, because he was a workaholic? Did you divorce or were you able to work out your differences? Did you pray for guidance?



The Wonder of His Love

April 5, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


The Wonder Of His Love by Kimberly Rae Jordan

Did you ever have negative experiences with finances when you were growing up?

Abandoned by her mom, Noella Crawford is sent to a foster home. Her mom was terrible with their finances, and she’s seen her mother be taken advantage of, financially, by men. Noella is determined not to repeat her mother’s mistakes. When she meets Scotsman Finlay Kinnaird she’s attracted to him. However, Finlay is only a mechanic, plus he lives in a trailer park, and Noella is the successful owner of a bakery. No way does she want to lose her heart to a financially unstable man, but, there’s just something warm and caring about Finlay…what should she do?

This is a nice, engaging Christmas read. I loved reading how Noella struggled with her issues with finances and romance.

So, have you ever have negative experiences with finances when you were growing up? How did you cope? Did your experience affect your romantic relationships?

Deadly Night, Silent Night

March 29, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


Deadly Night, Silent Night by Margaret Daley

Have you ever found it hard to move forward with your life after losing a spouse?

Widow Rebecca Howard is a workaholic, covering her grief by making her store a success. Her father had always wanted her to be a success, so, she’s determined to make their family sporting goods store lucrative business. But, trouble has been brewing. Someone has been hacking their computer system and making threats on their store.

Alex Kincaid has ghosts from his own past to overcome. He’s good friends with Rebecca’s twin brother and he’s secretly had a crush on Rebecca when they were kids. Rebecca needs to rely on Alex’s expertise to catch the criminal who is targeting her business. As they work together, their attraction deepens.

I enjoyed this highly-charged, suspenseful novella. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat as you read this story, and it will keep you guessing until the very end. A good Christmas read.

So, have you ever found it hard to move forward with your life after losing a spouse?

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

March 23, 2017 Posted by novelistcd

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful (Montana Fire Christmas novella)

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful by Susan May Warren

Have you ever suffered from a tragic or traumatic experience, and the backlash of that incident made you fearful – too fearful to move on with your life?

Hannah and CJ have been through a traumatic experience. Smoke jumpers, they’ve almost lost their lives and since CJ is still recovering, he doesn’t feel ready for a relationship. He takes prescription drugs to deaden the physical pain that still haunts him from the incident. He speaks to his buddy Hannah online via the game that they play. How can he find the courage to tell Hannah his true feelings?

Hannah is determined to set things right. Scared, she’s haunted by a past experience. She doesn’t trust herself NOT to make a mistake as a nurse. Can she learn to overcome her fears?

An invitation to a mutual friend’s wedding put Hannah and CJ into direct contact with one another. A big snowstorm and a stranded stranger are just two of many elements that make this book a satisfying Christmas read. If you like short, snowbound, holiday stories then you should give this one a try. It’s a slightly suspenseful and quick read.

Have you ever been too scared to move forward with your life after a tragic experience? How did you overcome your fear?



A Second Chance by Alexis Goring

March 16, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


A Second Chance by Alexis Goring

Have you ever kept a secret from your significant other?

Traci Hightower is still paying the bills for her wedding – a wedding that never happened. When she meets Marc Roberts, she’s deeply attracted to him. When Marc spots Traci in a restaurant, he’s smitten with her good looks. He hesitates about asking her out – after all, he leads a busy life, helping to take care of his widowed sister’s children takes a lot of his time and energy. He’s not sure if he’s ready and able to give love another chance.

But Traci has a secret and she’s afraid to tell Marc. How will he react?

Marc has been burned by women in the past. How can he move past his negative experiences and learn to give Traci a chance?

A Second Chance is a light, sweet entertaining novella. If you like clean and wholesome stories, then you should give this one a try.

So, have you ever had a secret that you kept from your significant other? Did he/she ever find out? If so, how did they react?

The Nephilim In Christian Fiction

March 13, 2017 Posted by novelistcd

Why Christian Fiction Writers Love the Nephilim

I’ve been curiously fascinated with the Nephilim for years. I’ve written some blog posts about these creatures, and I have more research I’d like to share in the future.

I’m not a huge reader of speculative fiction. No, there’s nothing wrong with it, but, I find myself reading it sparingly because I’m more of a romance, women’s fiction, and suspense reader. I came across this article that stated that there was in over-abundance of speculative fiction submissions (in the Christian market) that featured the Nephilim. This article is old (2012), but, I’m assuming this fact may still exist today?

Have you read any of these titles? If so, what did you think of them? I’m thinking of reading a few of them, just to see that I think! On one of the covers (Dark Sentences), the creature looks like a gorilla. I’m assuming this creature is supposed to be a Nephilim? Not sure since I have not read the book. I just assumed the Nephilim looked more like humans than animals. Double rows of teeth, six digits on each hand and foot…humanistic face. These creatures have crossed my mind for awhile now. Not sure when I’ll stop thinking about them, wondering about them. I guess they are soul-less, right?

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Last of the Nephilim, Oracles of Fire Series #3   -     By: Bryan Davis