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Heavenly Peace by Lesley Ann McDaniel

April 19, 2017 Posted by novelistcd


Heavenly Peace

Have you ever chose a gift tag from a Christmas tree for a needy child? What did that child request as a gift?

When widowed Valerie and her son Ethan visit a coffee shop, they choose a gift tag for a child in need. Ethan is excited, and he spots a man removing the gifts from the tree. “Is that man the Grinch?” Ethan asks his mommy…

Jake is not the Grinch, he’s a man who works with disadvantaged folks, collecting gift donations from under the tree to distribute to needy children.

Valerie is attracted to handsome Jake, but, although her husband is deceased, shouldn’t she remain faithful to him forever, never to marry?

Jake is smitten with Valerie, but, she’s wearing a wedding ring – so, she’s married, isn’t she?

Valerie is shocked when she finally reads the tag she’s removed from the tree. This child has requested a miracle, she doesn’t know how she can give this child her requested gift. Can Jake help her to fulfill the wish for this needy child?

This was a sweet, heartwarming short Christmas story. It was a good, light read.

So, have you ever chose a gift tag for a needy child? If so, what did that child request as a gift?

Happy Easter!

April 16, 2017 Posted by novelistcd

Happy Easter!! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter holiday! Remember that he died for our sins and we are forgiven! Accept Him!

So, tell me, what are you cooking for Easter dinner? Are you preparing a ham?

Hope Under Mistletoe

December 27, 2016 Posted by novelistcd


Hope Under Mistletoe by Jessica R. Patch

Has your church ever held services in an alternate location?

I loved this book! One reason why I loved it so much is because the hero, Knox, owns a bar. You don’t find that in Christian fiction very often. I felt this book was so realistic – the characters sparkle and come to life in this wonderful book!

Eden is a widowed pastor’s wife. She’s raising her young son alone and their church has just been burned to the ground. While waiting for their church to be rebuilt, they need to find a place to hold services. The local bar is the only place big enough to house all of the church’s members.

The bar is owned by Knox, Eden’s deceased husband’s best friend. Knox has never been Eden’s favorite person – he’s worldly, plus, she’s always been attracted to him. When she asks if the church can temporarily use his bar as a meeting place, he’s hesitant. Knox has always been attracted to Eden, but, she was off-limits since she was married to his best friend. Plus, Eden doesn’t approve of his worldly ways.

Knox, a former hockey player, doesn’t know what he should do. If Eden knew his secret, she’d run for the hills and never speak to him again. Can he be truthful to her, and, can he learn to forgive himself for his sins?

You should read this endearing book for the holidays! This novella is a great Christmas treat!

So, has your church ever met in an alternate location? Where else has your church held services?

Christmas background with snowy fir trees

Frosting and Flurries – Only 99 cents for five delicious romance novels!

November 1, 2016 Posted by novelistcd

box set 2

Frosting and Flurries – only 99 cents! Five delicious Christmas romance novels that you’ll enjoy! Sugar and Spice, Book 4 of The Bakery Romance Series, is part of this collection!

box set

Frosting and Flurries!

August 28, 2016 Posted by novelistcd

I’m pairing up with some wonderful authors this autumn! We’re going to do a box set of Christmas stories. Book four of my Bakery Romance Series will be included in this collection. If you enjoyed my other stories, then I encourage you to purchase the box set once it’s released! This is a great way to introduce you to some more Christian romance authors!

box set 2 box set SugarandSpice_AMAZON

Recipe For Family – Free Book For One Week

December 3, 2015 Posted by novelistcd


A Recipe For Family (A Cookies and Kisses Novella) – Free for one week!

Have you ever been reunited with an old boyfriend/girlfriend?

Heather is a single mom, raising her daughter (Jenna) alone with the help of her parents. Jason, her daughter’s father, has returned to town. He’s tired of sending a child support payment every month and is now ready to be a part of Jenna’s life. However, Jason not only wants to be a part of Jenna’s life, he also wants to be a part of Heather’s life again. Can Heather forgive him for his past immature actions? Can she trust him to be a part of her and Jenna’s lives? Will Heather’s parents ever learn to keep their noses out of Heather’s personal business, and allow her to make decisions on her own?

All of these questions are answered when you read this wonderful novella! It’s free for one week, so, download your copy today! A Recipe For Family is part of the Cookies and Kisses collection, too!

So, have you ever been reunited with an old love? Were you able to forgive one another for past mistakes?

A Cedar Cove Christmas

October 20, 2015 Posted by novelistcd


A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Have you ever had siblings who interfered with your life? Did they interfere so much that you felt you had to run away?

That’s Mary Jo’s dilemma. She’s pregnant (nine months), abandoned by her ex-boyfriend. Her brothers are arguing, claiming they’ll find her ex and force him to marry her. It’s Christmas Eve and Mary Jo is determined to find her ex in Cedar Cove before her brothers find him first!

This was a delightful short book where you’ll become reacquainted with the Cedar Cove cast. It’s like a modern version of the original Christmas story, complete with 3 Wyze men, a King, a stable, barn animals, a drummer boy and even bursting stars! This is a nice quick story to read over the holidays.

So, have you ever had brothers or sisters who’ve interfered with your life? What did you do about it?

Loving Luke – A Christmas Novella – Available Now! Only 99 cents!

September 7, 2015 Posted by novelistcd

Winter Background

Loving Luke is now available – only 99 cents! 

When Kim Taylor returns to Bethlehem to run her family’s cookie shop, her life is in shambles. She’s hurting from her broken engagement, her mom’s recently died and, she’s unemployed. She also doesn’t get along with her dad. She’s always felt like she’s played second fiddle to her perfect older sister, Tina. She secretly longs for her father to love her the way he loves her sibling.

She’s stunned when Luke Barnes, her former high school boyfriend, strolls into her cookie shop.

Recently widowed, Luke Barnes has returned to Bethlehem to raise his daughter, Lisa, in a wholesome environment. When Kim offers Lisa a job in her shop, Luke is hesitant to accept. After all, Kim was wild in high school and he doesn’t want his daughter being mentored by someone with an unsavory past.

Seeing Kim causes Luke’s dormant feelings to unfurl, but, falling for Kim is not on his agenda right now. He’s determined to provide a better way of life for his daughter. Struggling to get his college degree, he’s failing calculus, and it appears that Kim is the only person who has the knack to tutor him. Can he continue to ignore their shared attraction as they work together to pass his class?




The French For Christmas

December 9, 2014 Posted by novelistcd


The French For Christmas

Have you ever suffered a deep, emotional pain, and then went away on a trip to try to help you cope with your pain?

This book was an enjoyable tale that’s set on the French countryside. Evie, living in London, is still not over the death of her infant daughter. Her husband has abandoned her, and he failed to be there for her when she needed him. Now, it appears her husband has moved on with his life while, a year later, next year’s Christmas, Evie still struggles with her grief.

Her life takes an interesting turn when her best friend loans her the use of their family cottage on the French countryside. During the Christmas season, Evie stays in the cottage and meets an interesting group of people, her neighbors, who live nearby. During her grieving year, Evie has lost her joy for life and cooking. Her joy of cooking is re-ignited while she stays in the cottage.

I really loved the way I was able to emotionally connect with the characters in this novel. You could really feel for them, feel their griefs, but, they’re strong people, and they learn to survive past pains.

I also loved reading about the food! I took French for four years in high school and during those four years, not only did we learn about the language, but, we learned a lot about French history and culture. A lot of my French Christmas cultural learning came back to me while reading this book! I might even make a yule log/buche de noel this Christmas!

So have you ever suffered a deep emotional pain and went away on a trip to help you cope? If so, where did you go?


Happy Thanksgiving! What’s For Dinner?

November 27, 2014 Posted by novelistcd

Happy Thanksgiving to all! What are you cooking for dinner?