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October 30, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

I’ve been sporadically working on the novel I blogged about here. One of the characters was not working for me. I’m not sure if I didn’t develop her enough or what. She’s a minor character, however, since I don’t find her presence really working, it affected the way I portrayed one of the main characters (if that makes any sense).

So, I’ve discovered what I needed to do to make the story work.
In Southern Comfort, the story I’m working on now, I removed the character whom wasn’t really working for me. I changed the story and had the heroine to be grieving for said character at the beginning of the story. This creates more conflict and is helping me to write this manuscript.

I kind of did the same thing in my story, Milk Money, when it wasn’t working. In Milk Money, Emily’s mother wasn’t really working for me, either. However, I don’t remove Emily’s mother completely. Instead, I have her away on a trip. With her gone, it was easier for me to write the story for some reason. I have her mother to come back about mid-way in the story, but I have her to leave again…two times! When I was going through the content edits for the story, the editor stated that Emily’s relationship with her mother was strange and kind of hard to follow. So during the content-edit stage, I changed the mother’s role from mother to stepmother, giving an explanation for their distant and strange relationship.

Have any of you ever had a character, either major or minor, who just was not working for your story at all? If so, what did you do to correct it? Did you delete the character (through death, or just pretend they didn’t exist at all?). Or did you re-develop the character so that he/she would work within the context of your story? Or, did you do something else to make your story flow?

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Diamond Duo

October 30, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Diamond Duo by Marcia Gruver

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc (October 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1602602050
ISBN-13: 978-1602602052
From the back cover:
Bertha Biddle is desperately in love with Thaddeus Bloom….
Trouble is, she’s not sure he returns her affection.
When a stranger named Annie Monroe comes to Jefferson, charming every man in town, Bertha is determined to learn her beguiling secrets. But just how far will she go to win Thad’s heart?
Thad is more than smitten with Bertha. But his father plans to send him away to military school. Will Thad follow his father’s dream at the cost of losing Bertha’s love forever?
When Annie’s unsavory companion enters the scene, foul deeds are afoot, testing faith and hearts. Will a murder provoke a startling twist of fate—in this world and the next?

This was a good story with well-developed characters. The story was intriguing, and, from reading the back cover, I knew a murder was going to happen to one of the characters, and I tensed whenever something happened, wondering if the murder had taken place.

I also thought Marcia did a great job with how she portrayed Sarah and Henry, an African-American couple in the story. Sarah misses her home, and Henry wonders if he’s made a mistake, bringing Sarah so far away from her loved ones. The couple deals with problems faced by a number of marriages, including infertility.

I loved the way the author showed the attraction between Bertha and Thad. I know this is sometimes hard to do, and still keep the story sweet and tender.

Also, as you see Annie suffer from the abuse of her male companion, your heart aches for her, and you’ll find yourself hoping the woman will learn to lean on Jesus to help with her pain.

This story was a love story, and a story of friendships, it is also a story of how we need to embrace God’s grace, especially during times of hardship.

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~Cecelia Dowdy~

North Carolina Visit

October 27, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

As I’d mentioned in an earlier post, the North Carolina event, in which I was supposed to participate, was canceled unexpectedly the day before the start date. Some of the other participating authors of the canceled event (Jacqueline Thomas, Pat Simmons, Maurice M. Gray Jr., Lacricia A’ngelle and Michele Andrea Bowen) got together at Ideas Coffeehouse last Saturday for an impromptu booksigning. From what I’d heard, the event went pretty well and they sold some books and met some fans.

I skipped the Ideas Coffeehouse event since I’d already made plans to meet author Linda Leigh Hargrove. She’s written two books for Moody’s Lift Every Voice imprint:

The Making Of Isaac Hunt

Loving Cee Cee Johnson

Both books have beautiful covers and I look forward to reading her titles.

Linda and I walked around the mall and talked shop for a few hours! I had a lovely time and it was good to speak to a fellow scribe for the afternoon. You’ll find Linda’s picture posted on today’s blog entry.

~Cecelia Dowdy~

A Video Of Me Signing At The Mall Of America

October 27, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Watch the first minute of this video. It’s a clip from the ACFW Mall of America Booksigning!

FYI, I’ll be blogging about my trip to North Carolina within the next day or so!

~Cecelia Dowdy~

North Carolina Book Event Has Been Canceled

October 24, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Sadly, this event, in which I was supposed to participate, has been canceled. However, I do still plan on visiting Durham North Carolina this weekend! I’d already taken off from work to participate in this event, and my husband’s family lives in that area anyway.

~Cecelia Dowdy~

My First Sale Story – Part Two

October 22, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

One of my blog readers emailed me recently, reminding me that I’d never done the continuation of this post.

After I’d met author/Heartsong Editor Tracie Peterson at an RWA conference, the contact proved to be invaluable! Although she rejected my work, she gave me some pointers on how to improve my stories.

Meanwhile, Tracie Peterson’s former colleague, Stephen Reginald (the creator of the Heartsong Presents line) had moved on, creating unique projects which he offered to publishing houses. He wanted to publish a set of romance novels, similiar to the Heartsong Presents novels, with Crossings Book Club. However, he wanted the novels to have African American characters. He approached Crossings with the idea, and they were interested in the concept, however, they said they preferred that the authors be African American.

Meanwhile, Stephen Reginald approached his former colleague, Tracie Peterson, asking if he knew of any African-American Christian fiction authors. Although I was still unpublished, Tracie referred him to me. He contacted me…after the novel was in place, and contract were signed…

Promises To Keep was born! My very first sale! It was released back in 2002!

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Baker’s Fatal Dozen by Lisa Harris

October 20, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Baker’s Fatal Dozen by Lisa Harris

From the back cover:

Get ready to cook up a second helping of Pricilla Crumb and her hilarious schemes to serve up justice.

When Reggie Pierce, who runs Pricilla Crumb’s favorite bakery, is found dead, Pricilla finds herself hot on the trail of another sticky scandal that begins with murder. Bus asPricilla chases after clues to catch a killer, will hte road to her long-distance romance with Max hit a permanent detour?
This book was a light, entertaining read. When Pricilla walks into her favorite bakery, she finds the owner (Reggie) lying on the floor….dead! She’s determined to prove to the investigator that Annabelle, Reggie’s wife, is innocent of murdering her husband. However, clues unravel as she finds out questionable information about Reggie’s two children, his employees…as well as Annabelle. As she sorts through this maze of evidence, Max, her beau, is determined to make the long move from New Mexico to Colorado to have a more permanent relationship with Pricilla. However, Pricilla is not sure if she’s ready to commit to Max.

As she solves the mystery, Priscilla also needs to discover why she’s scared of love and commitment. I felt that the characters in this novel were very well developed and the story had a good flow. Like most cozies, it was suspenseful, without being too scary.

If you are interested in seeing my review of book one in this series, look here.

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Dance Into Destiny

October 18, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Dance Into Destiny
by Sherri L. Lewis
Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: Urban Books (January 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1601629508
ISBN-13: 978-1601629500

From Sherri Lewis’s website:
A purposeless socialite and a purpose-driven church mouse form an unlikely friendship that launches them on a journey of destiny and purpose.

Keeva Banks is in danger of flunking out of grad school – again. She can’t seem to get it together because she doesn’t really know why she’s in school. She’s in serious need of a sense of purpose to give meaning to her life. Shara Anderson has that sense of purpose through her relationship with God, but could use some balance in her Christian walk. The two women meet, and their lives are forever changed.

Follow them as they rediscover lost dreams, fall in and out of love, and triumph over past wounds in this story of friendship, love and pursuing an intimate relationship with God to fulfill purpose and destiny.

Shara Anderson has led a sheltered, restricted life. Her parents were overzealous churchgoers, and she was not allowed to have much fun or socialize while growing up. However, once she’s away from home, she discovers what it means to have a true relationship with Jesus.

Due to a traumatic college experience, Shara refuses to date. However, when handsome Quinton Mercer is hired to help her with the church youth program, she struggles with their shared attraction. Can she learn to let go of her past, and learn to love Quinton Mercer?

Keeva Banks encourages Shara (her newfound friend) to give Quinton a chance. As the two women work on their graduate school project together, Keeva discovers there’s more to life than money and designer clothes. Keeva is flunking out of grad school and she needs Shara’s help so that she can get her degree. She wants a career in counseling, and she still struggles to figure out why she’s in grad school, and why she’s dating a man that she doesn’t even like. Something is missing in Keeva’s life and Shara introduces her friend to the gospel.

Meanwhile, Quinton Mercer has ghosts from his past that continue to haunt him. He’s determined to be a role-model for the youth, making sure the young people don’t make the same mistakes that he’s made while growing up. As Quinton falls for Shara, he learns that he needs to release the pain and guilt that he still harbors from a tragic experience.

As Shara, Keeva, and Quinton work through their issues, they learn to lean on God and each other in this engaging and entertaining novel!

If you are interested in other titles by this author, you can read my blog post for Sherri’s first novel, My Soul Cries Out.

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Bittersweet Memories – Release Date

October 16, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

My editor gave me a release date for Bittersweet Memories! It’ll be available in June 2009!

~Cecelia Dowdy~

I Got Paid!

October 15, 2008 Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

When I went to the mailbox after work today, I was pleased to see the mailman left me a little treat! The second half of my advance for Bittersweet Memories arrived! Yaaay! 🙂

~Cecelia Dowdy~